Lets do a quick big dummy math fact Two BIG DUMMIES = a violent relationship. This math fact can be proven by this story reported by THE SMOKING GUN. August 6, 2012, 24-year-old Tiffany Sherry was suffering from a very bad sunburn. Not one to let that keep her from finishing some household chores, however, she pushed through the pain continued to wash the dishes.

Her boyfriend, Michael Martinez, decided that this would be a perfect opportunity for a playful/surprise butt smack. He was well aware that Tiffany's sunburn would cause her to feel a significant amount of pain, but decided it would be a "funny" thing to do, anyway. Tiffany didn't find this funny and became irrate.

She immediately spun around from behind the sink and grabbed large steak knife. Michael quickly came to the realization that his girlfriend was about to repay the pain he had just caused. He backed into the living room, where Tiffany's children were playing...and screamed "What are you going to do, stab me in front of your children?" Michael asked. At that moment, Tiffany told her children to quickly leave the room. She then proceeded to stab Michael in the stomach and shoulder. As he tried to run from her, Tiffany stabbed him again in the upper back while screaming that she was going to kill him.

Michael ran back to his house and called the police. He was taken to St. Luke's Hospital for treatment while Tiffany was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, making terroristic threats (seriously?), and reckless endangerment. She is being held on $25,000 bond in the North Hampton County Prison (with hear preliminary hearing scheduled for August 16).

This is not her first time stabbing some one, she was arrested in 2008 after allegedly stabbing a man with a fork during an argument over diapers. Why are you dudes dating women like this ? Welcome him and her to the BIG DUMMY FILES.

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