An Indiana Pacers player and his wife were stabbed -- and two ATL Hawks players were arrested for obstructing police -- in a violent incident in an NYC nightclub early Wednesday morning.

The stabbing victim is Pacers forward Chris Copeland ... who was stabbed in the stomach around 4 AM at 1Oak nightclub. His wife was slashed in the arm, breast and butt.

Officials says the injuries sustained by both Chris and his wife are NOT life threatening.

Cops say they arrested the person suspected of the stabbing -- 22-year-old Shezoy Bleary. Cops say Bleary used a switchblade in the attack.

Police say Copeland and his wife were having a conversation inside the club when Bleary (who didn't know either of them) interjected ... and a fight ensued.

Two Atlanta Hawks players -- Pero Antic and Thabo Sefolosha -- were arrested at the scene for trying to prevent police from setting up a crime scene.

Outside the club, Chris' wife told the media, "We were attacked out of nowhere by a f*cking black civilian."

She continued, "We have nothing to say. We are scared for our lives."

Copeland's teammate Paul George just tweeted about the incident -- saying, "Pray for my brother Chris."




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