Welcome to the BIG DUMMY FILES Mon -Thurs on your radio at 7:50p on The Only Night Show That Matters, you can always catch a Big Dummy right here at WBLK.com. The latest entry into the Big Dummy Files Babylonia Aivaz, you should already know from the name that she is CRAZY ! Well Babylonia Aivaz is one of the OCCUPY protestors in her town Seattle, Washington.

While she was protesting she fell in love with a BUILDING, that was on track to get demolished. In a last ditch effort to save the building, she decided to marry the building and commit to protecting the building for better or worse until death do them part. CRAZY right, the thing that is even crazier is that other people helped her participate in this STUPID wedding. If you take a look at the video that thing that really made me laugh was Babylonia giving the little boy a kiss at :56 and he wipes it off.

The building is a female so it was a GAY wedding, and you guessed right the building is still set to be demolished. This is another example of rebels with out a CAUSE, welcome Babylonia and the rest of her friends to THE BIG DUMMY FILES.

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