You've probably heard me talk about how I'm getting a straight smile with Invisalign and Owl Orthodontics. The difference since I began is amazing, and the gaps in my teeth are noticeably smaller. I really notice the difference when old photos pop up in my Facebook memories and I compare them to recent pics.

I trust Dr. Walla and his staff; and I love choppin it up with them at my check-ins. I recently learned a cool piece of black history, too.

Wendell Cotton is the first black orthodontist to practice west of the Mississippi. Born in 1922, he majored in psychology at West Virginia State College and served in the Army Air Corps before entering dental school at the University of Illinois. Then, opportunity came knocking, according to the African American Registry:

After graduation from Dental School, Cotton was selected to participate in the first orthodontics program offered at the University of California’s Dental School in San Francisco, California. Cotton drove to Berkeley, California in September of 1947 when many states were still under Jim Crow laws. Driving straight through with his young family, he managed to complete the trip and settle into his new life in California.

Wendell Cotton practiced in Oakland, Los Angeles and the small town of Lompoc, California. He was an activist, too. "Throughout those years, the Cottons were involved in the NAACP, marched with Jackie Robinson and Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. and provided inspiration for his children and all those that knew them," the African American Registry states.

After he retired, his family moved to Dallas and got involved in modeling, working on television commercials and appearing as extras on local televisions shows such as Dallas and Texas Ranger.

It was cool hearing some of their industry history that was also black history. I have to give the Owl Orthodontics team a shout out for keeping me informed about my Invisalign progress and for the dope history lesson. Happy Black History Month!

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