According to News Reports, there are about 500 I Love NY Signs across NewbYork State.  The problem, according to reports, is that the signs violate United States Standards.

Here's what Fox News reported regarding the signs being illegal in NYS:

The Federal Highway Administration told Fox News the 514 bright blue placards, which cost roughly $15,000 each, must be modified because they amount to advertisements -- instead of being navigational or safety-related -- and are a dangerous distraction to drivers.

The Deadline to reach an agreement as to either remove all the signs or come up with an alternative solution is Sunday as the fiscal year for State budgeting is set for Monday.  NYS Stands to lose $14 million in Federal funding for our roads & bridges if they are removed or a solution to replace them with something legal is not met.

Governor Cuomo said this upon visiting Buffalo yesterday, according to News Reports:

"We are still discussing with the federal government what changes they want to the signs," 


According to the News Report, Cuomo reinforced what he had said last year regarding the signs:

"The I Love NY campaign itself has run its course. We have run that campaign for a few years now, so we’ll be switching to a new theme, but we are keeping the tourism campaign."

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