You remember the 10 year old boy who was found beaten to death in his basement back in April. Well his step-father,Ali-Mohamed Mohamud is on trial for the brutal murder and his wife is defending him! Peep the details inside.

The trial to bring justice to the Spring murder of the middle school student, affectionately known as Adbi is now underway.

According to the Buffalo News, his mother and stepbrother testified today that neither saw the boy’s stepfather, murder defendant Ali-Mohamed Mohamud, ever act violently towards the boy before Mohamud’s arrest last April.


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I reported back in April that Adbi had told his friends at school that his step-dad was beating the crap out of him at home. How in the world did the two other people who live in the same home not see it?? They say love is blind but DAMN!

Prosecutor John Feroleto told jurors that Mohamud killed his stepson in the family’s Guilford Street home.

“This man, this adult, this stepfather bound his hands with an electrical cord, stuffed a sock inside his mouth and sealed it with duct tape,” Feroleto said as he looked at Mohamud. “Abdi was powerless. He was powerless to stop this man from taking his life.

Abdifatah, an International Preparatory School fifth-grader, was struck about 70 times with a hardwood baker’s rolling pin. The blows to his head and body fractured the boy’s skull, broke his ribs and caused two dozen distinct injuries to his hands and as many to his legs, sustained as the boy sought to block the blows, Feroleto said.

What is it going to take for this mom to RUN, not walk away from this man?! I understand that a good man is hard to find, but it's better to be alone than to defend a man who killed your son!

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