10yr old Abdifatah Mohamud, who was beat to death by his mom's abusive husband, had told his friends & classmates about his stepfather's constant abuse, but none of the kids reported this to an adult! Why would these kids hear this boy's cry for help and not speak up?? Perhaps in fear of being labeled a "Snitch".

This topic is posted on our facebook page (WBLK Buffalo) and is generating many different responses.


My concern is are we as parents conditioning kids to "not be a tattle-tale" and to keep their mouths shut not only when their sister breaks the lamp, but also when their friend at school is being beat to death by their Dad.

We must have an in-depth conversation with our children so that they understand their responsibilities as a FRIEND. Most likely that 10 yr old was comfortable enough to tell about the abuse at home to his peers, but not brave enough to tell his teachers. Imagine what he must have been feeling, living with the fact that his own mother brought this monster Ali Mohamud into the house and has allowed him to beat her son and herself!

As a victim of abuse by a family member myself, I know what it's like to have your own mother ignore your cry. It makes one feel like noone will ever believe you, so when you do tell somebody about the abuse you experience, you hope and wish they will make the pain go away and punish the abuser.

But back to the question, Do you teach your kids not to "Snitch", if so why and are there any exceptions?

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