Many people in Buffalo and all around Western New York have had to use the employment system due to the pandemic, and there are many people that are still in the need of unemployment benefits. According to WIVB, the New York unemployment system is being audited by the state comptroller office.

What's The Problem?

The audit began based on their assessment of risk, and also complaints, large increases in payments. This is not uncommon for the comptroller's office to audit the unemployment system when there have been irregularities this in the past. The problem is, there are so many people out of work and there have been so many cases, that the system is overloaded with people that are filling claims for missing payments and there are also people that are still missing payments.

I'm happy that Comptroller DiNapoli will be auditing the New York unemployment system for fraud, While this is a critical first step, I believe that a full and comprehensive audit of the system needs to be done. From the very start of the pandemic the unemployment system in our state has been an absolute mess and the lack of transparency has been concerning.

said, Senator Rath.

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That fact of the matter is that there has been blatant fraud, from people that are claiming that they never received payments to people that actually filed for unemployment more than once. The $81 billion dollars paid to only 4.6 million New Yorkers, should probably be higher in my opinion.

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