You can search pretty much ANYTHING on YouTube and something regarding what you're searching for will come up right????  Well, I tried this..... "WHY DO WOMEN TWERK?"  Hmmmm... I searched page after page and NO ONE must be asking that question.... the results were all ... "HOW TO TWERK" Videos....

Let me show you a Dance Party from the 70's... WATCH THE VIDEO!!!!

Now... Here's a what a Dance Party Looks in 2013!  WATCH VIDEO!!!


What causes a female to degrade herself these days by placing her butt directly on a man's crotch and grind on him.... OR....have a guy POUND her from behind while she braces herself against a wall or while bending over and placing her hands on the floor using that as a means of support so she won't fall????  THIS IS CONSIDERED DANCING!!!????

WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON????? Please explain!!!!!


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