The WBLK THROWBACK DANCE PARTY WAS PHENOMENAL!!!!  Buffalo, NY really rocked the house last night!!!!  Thanks to all who participated and thanks to C.P. Lacey for his great impersonations!!!! AND.... Get ready to PARTY WITH US AGAIN next month at the WBLK THROWBACK FRIDAY DANCE PARTY @ The Tralf on December 6th!!!!


Please Keep Reading!!!

In light of the amount of fun and togetherness and NO REMOTE THOUGHT of any type of problems last night at the WBLK Throwback Dance Party... Please consider the following QUESTION, then watch the video, and comment below or please go tour FB Page and leave a comment!!!  Thanks again for coming out to the "WBLK THROWBACK DANCE PARTY"!!!

Compare the set of videos attached & then answer this question; What happened such that "MUSIC & LIFE ITSELF" have changed so drastically? (It's interesting how a few people change music and have it affect masses of people... and in turn, the world.  What will follow Hip-Hop?  Will it change things back my opinion to.."normal", or will it worsen and further deteriorate "US"? 

COMPARED TO THE PREVIOUS VIDEO (***WARNING*** Content is not intended or recommended for kids...hmmm...although kids are in the videos....confusing!!!!)

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