Well it’s another busy variety story buzzing “Know Thyself Community Wednesday”. With the recent released videotaped meeting of Mitt Romney and his statement about the 47% of Americans that support Barack Obama, to Prince now going all natural with an Afro, to whether or not Barack’s position on gay marriage affecting voter turnout, to voter ID Laws.

There are a lot of things that we could talk about today…like the 87% graduation rate of the Depew School District beating the state average of 70%, now why is that? And some are asking is Black Culture having an Identity Crisis? African-American Day Parade was held in Harlem this past Sunday and a lot of people in the region did not know anything about it, even though it has been going on for 43 years now!

With the presidential election just under 50 days away and for some there are still unanswered questions from both sides in game! Well that’s what it has always felt like to me—a straight up game!