Education is the foundation for which we build our future in this country. Over the years, education in America has been a hot topic of discussion do to the overall performance of the educational system. Right here in Buffalo the graduation rate is 47%. Black/Hispanic and Immigrant males is 25%. 45 out of 57 Buffalo Schools are failing. THERE ARE ZERO (0) SCHOOLS FAILING IN WESTERN NEW YORK SUBURBS and RURAL communities.

Recently, there was a complaint sent to The State Education Department regarding the Buffalo Public Schools’ failure to comply with the provisions of section 1116 of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act pertaining to Public School Choice. After further review, it was discovered that Buffalo Public Schools’ was not in compliance with the requirements for implementation of Public School Choice.

So now Buffalo Schools are Required to develop a plan to Transfer as many as 27,000 students out of FAILING SCHOOLS.

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