Sam Radford

Locals Oppose Betsy Devos
Vice President Mike Pence has full confidence in Betsy DeVos to serve as Education Secretary, however, those sentiments are not shared by some local leaders such as . Sam Radford, President of District Parent Coordinating Council for Buffalo Public Schools...
10th Annual Convening of the Elders
On Saturday afternoon (December 3, 2016) WBLK had the opportunity to attend a very enlightening and informative event presented by UMOJA Inc. of Buffalo at the Rafi Greene Center in the heart of the city.
Parents Claiming Racism & Bias Among Refs in the Section VI Championship Football Game Between Bennett High & Maple Grove High Schools [VIDEO]
Not only are some Local Parents saying the Officiating in the Section VI Championship Football Game between Bennett & Maple Grove High Schools was Biased & Racist ... they're also saying there's a lack African-American representation among refs in Section VI Football with there being 125 Officials but only 7 who are African-American. WAT...
Parents CAN Transfer Students
The Buffalo City School District has been in continual disarray lately to the extent that some schools have been and WILL close down. Among the Buffalo City Schools remaining, the majority have been classified as "FAILING SCHOOLS". In the interview attached, Sam Radford, Buffalo School District Parent Coordinating Council President, talks about Parents' Legal Rights to transfer students
Education is the foundation for which we build our future in this country. Over the years, education in America has been a hot topic of discussion do to the overall performance of the educational system.