This Saturday morning I attended a live taping for WNLO-TV CW 23 next star. Each year the CW looks for an on air personality and offers them a year long contract to work for the station. It’s down to the top five finalists and the competition was stiff.

The contestants were asked a bunch of questions by judges and the crew showed highlights of their journey to the top five. The audience was almost American Idol style with posters, balloons, noise makers, and banners made by family members of the contestants. It was packed and the energy of the crowd was unbelieveable. I enjoyed being behind the scenes and watching the action unfold. They all were awesome but, my vote is for Teresa Lee. She appears to be very personable and dedicated. She also cares about issues in the urban community and that stood out to me.

By the time I left the taping my voice was nearly gone from cheering and yelling. But I had a blast. The winner will be announced on Wednesday Night on CW 23 at 7 pm. I will be tuned in to see who becomes the next  CW 23 Star!!