Before you ask why these middle aged men are posing like a Facebook Profile Pic, allow me to introduce you to TGT.

TGT is a new R&B group formed of 90's R&B singers. The T- stands for Tyrese, G stands for Ginuwine, and the last T stands for Tank. Yes, Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank have officially joined forces to make their own R&B group!

They came together because they wanted to remind people what real R&B is and how real emotions and love can reflect in songs.

In a recent interview TGT announced:

 “There are a lot of boys out here singing about love and vaginal activity if they never loved anyone or don’t know how to properly do vaginal activity.”

Yes…they really said that! Seems like they want to come in and take it back to the old school and show these youngins’ a thing or two.

They are even going to events in matching outfits...awwwwwwww!

In case you were wondering...yes they are already signed to Atlantic records and have made their first single called ‘Sex Never Felt Better’. Check out the smooth groove below.


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