Tank Takes Heat From Fans After His Fellatio Comments ...
So r&b sensation Tank is in the headlines again for saying some off the wall comments. For the record this is a #judgefreezone to each his owe but we all know the internet doesn't play fair.
Check out the clip from his interview with the Lip Service Crew and what the internet had to say about it …
Robin Thicke Sits Down With Our Own SteelBoutMoney
So I had a chance today to sit down with Robin Thicke we talked about his upcoming tour with Fantasia, his latest single "When You Love Sombody", The Masked Singer, his upcoming album, and more.
But don't take my word for it check out the interview below:
Click Link For Interview
Spill The Tea
It was all good just a week ago! But let Tyrese and Ginuwine tell it, there's no hope for TGT! Yasmin Young here from the 2 To 6 Takeover here to Spill The Tea!
Hit the Gym
Whether they'll inspire you to do an extra set of push-ups after work or just give you some eye candy to snack on during your coffee break, here's 10 Rappers & Singers Who Will Make You Want to Hit the Gym.
Rihanna, Juicy J, Pitbull & More
Several rappers and singers went on social media today (May 25) to salute U.S. servicemen and women in observance of Memorial Day. Many of the tweets and Instagram posts honor the brave men and women in the military as well as the fallen soldiers.

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