Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson were preparing to get married at First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs (that's in Mississippi, big surprise right ?), but the day before the ceremony, the pastor informed them that the white members of the "predominately" white church objected to the wedding taking place at the sanctuary.

"The church congregation had decided no black could be married at that church and that if he went on to marry her, then they would vote [the pastor] out the church," said Charles Wilson. "I blame the First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, I blame those members who knew and call themselves Christians and didn't stand up." Te'Andrea adds: "...People in the sanctuary ... were pitching a fit about us being a black couple. I didn't like it at all cause I wasn't brought up to be racist, I was brought up to love and care for everybody." Here's the crazy part Charles and Te'Andrea attend the church regularly. Good old fashioned 1962 racism in 2012. - Jackson, MS