So let's try and figure this one out.  Kanye West is seen exiting a plane wearing a SUNY Brockport hoodie. Hmmmm.

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Here's the tweet that started everything and got SUNY Brockport into some hot water with it's Twitter followers and subscribers for posting the picture.  SUNY Brockport issued an apology of sorts for posting the pic after there was backlash and speculation that the College had aligned themselves with Kanye beyond his announcement that he's running for President of the. SUNY Buffalo issued this letter, according to Twitter :

In no way are we endorsing Mr. West’s political views. We shared this content as it’s not very often that a major celebrity is seen wearing Brockport gear. Nothing more.


Well, I searched and searched and could find no previous affiliation Kanye West had with SUNY Brockport.  I even looked up Kim Kardashian / SUNY Brockport and found nothing.  So instead I thought it would be interesting to see what celebrities may have gone to SUNY Brockport.  Here's what I found:

SUNY BROCKPORT FAMOUS ALUMNI: (according to Wikipedia) 

I know none of the above btw, but it appears SUNY Brockport has had a number of celebrities attend the college.  There was still no clue as to where Kanye may have obtained that sweatshirt, however.  Despite not having the answers as to where Kanye got the hoodie, it appears Kim and Kanye made up and had some family fun after a difficult week last week with Kanye.

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