Everyone knows flight attendants are hired to make your trip through the skies that much easier. But what do you do when the crew turns on each other? It seems that was the predicament between two flight attendants who put the paws on each other in front of passengers in Texas.

According to Dallasnews, a woman by the name of Kathy Wolfe accuses the airline for not properly following up on a brawl between her and another flight attendant named Laura Powers. In legal paperwork obtained by Dallas MorningNews, Kathy accuses Laura of “maliciously digging her fingernails into my arm, and slammed the door of a beverage cart on my arm.” She also added Laura “grabbed my scarf, choking me, and dragged me in the aisle and in front of the passengers.”

There’s no word on what prompted the fight, but Kathy apparently isn’t having it with American Airlines for not taking any action after the alleged altercation. She’s alleging American Airlines was negligent and created a dangerous work environment, thereby breaching her contract. She is seeking $1 million in damages.

A spokeswoman for American Airlines confirmed the lawsuit with USAToday, but did not comment on specific allegations, saying: “American [Airlines] strives to create a work environment in which all team members feel safe and respected.”

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