Don't go getting any ideas!

According to the New York Post, a suspect reportedly bit off a piece of an officer’s middle finger inside of a Brooklyn police station.

Law enforcement sources say the incident took place on Friday night inside of the holding cell of the 69th Precinct around 6p, after he was busted on a criminal mischief charge.

In that incident, Johnson allegedly kicked in the doors and windows of a 46-year-old man’s car and smashed his mailbox with a cement planter during an argument on East 99th Street near Avenue J, cops said. He did not know his victim.

Now Johnson has been arrested in the past for other charges, but when it comes to this finger-biting incident. He has been charged with assault on a police officer and resisting arrest.

Sources revealed that the whereabouts of the portion of the officer’s finger that was chewed off is “unknown.” Leading some to believe that Johnson may have swallowed it.

The officer was taken to Kings County Hospital, where he remained until late Saturday.

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