Migos, Walk It Talk It Video, Video, Migos Video.Migos The Migos - 'Walk It, Talk It' Video has gone viral and features some pretty noticeable music stars past and present ...can you spot the famous names in the video?  I'll reveal the Big Names at the end of this post.

They talked about the video on the Stave Harvey Morning Show on Power 93.7 WBLK saying that one of the characters looks like a young Steve Harvey. So there's a clue, but can you spot the Young Steve Harvey Look-Alike?

According to Wikipedia, the video is Directed by Daps & Quavo from Migos.  It first debuted on Migos YouTube Channel on March 18 and has since gone viral and is still trending on Social Media.  The video features a parody of the Soul Train TV Show (another clue as to who is depicted in the video), complete with a Soul Train Line Scene.  Instead of Soul Train, the 'make believe dance show' is called 'Culture Ride'.  The video had over 10 Million views on YouTube after only two days.

Who Is In The Video?  (Answers)

  • Jamie Fox - Ron Delirious (Don Cornelius)
  • Quavo - Jimi Hendrix? / Steve Harvey?
  • Drake - A1980's Disco Dancer / SoulTrain Dancer

Here's some more insight and things you may have missed in the video:

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