I was sooooo extremely bored with regular everyday TV last night...and you might say, "well what about the Winter Olympics"...well I tried but Curling made me want to curl up and go to sleep after awhile, and all the other events looked too cold to even watch...lol. The Speed Skating was "awwwright" but still wasn't doing it for me.

"Black Lightening" is the Highlight for me regarding TV shows on Tuesdays but it doesn't start until 9pm and I have it set-up to be recorded every Tuesday so I'm never in a hurry to be there right at 9pm. What usually happens is I'll start watching something on TV that will run past 9pm so that forces me to watch Black Lightening on Wednesdays usually because the program (usually a movie) doesn't end until 10 or 11 and it's time to CRASH by then.

Last night...I can't remember how...but me and my sweetie started talking about "Back In The Day TV Shows" and tried to stump each other with shows we used to watch when we were kids that the other has possibly never seen. It became loads of fun...especially because I a bit older than my baby and not only did I come up with some "Back In The Day TV Shows" she had never seen or heard of, I started looking them up and showing them to her via Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc. It was SOOOO MUCH FUN I figured I'd share my TOP 10 Favorite "Back In The Day TV Shows" with you...do you remember any of them?

(Use the arrow to the right on the border of the movies feature below to see more movies...Have Fun!)

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