WestSide Gunn has just dropped one of the most anticipated mix tapes of the year with "Hitler Wears Hermes". As a super supporter of Ny artist, I can honestly say WestSide Gunn has made me proud to be from NY. Not following the trends of the south WestSide takes you on a ride through his life and the life of so many young men like him self. Right from the intro you can feel what you are about to experience which is GREATNESS. It's kinda hard to describe WestSide's style but if I had to I would say he is the 2012 AZ or Nas before the checks started coming in. You can feel the energy on tracks like "Mess Hall Talk" where he kicks a few gems about his struggle. All in all i can honestly say that WestSide is needed in the game, this is that Detox type music where you can hear real rap. Not aiming to have a club hit or radio hit you get good music in its purest form which in return makes it self radio hits by staying true to his self.

In closing WestSide Gunn definetly dropped a much needed release for all the true hip hoppers. I wish WestSide Gunn nothing but the best and I will have this release on rotation in anticipation for his next release because I know It can only get better.


For more on WestSide gunn --> (FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000614567507&fref=ts)