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Saturday seems like such a blur but truly a day in history in Buffalo, NY. Not only was it a day to celebrate the grand opening of the Buffalo Kids Store in the Galleria Mall but a day in History because the mall has NEVER seen such a line and show of support like it did Saturday in years.

So let me recap. The night as I signed off my show I was reminded about the next day activities, the Grand opening of the Buffalo Kids Store aka  the Buffalo Kids Gallery. I knew I wanted to be there early for the ribbon cutting because to me that is so important. When I arrived at the mall I was greeted with a line that spans all the way from the store to almost the Apples store.

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That alone had me excited and all the feel goods pumping through my blood knowing that today was about to be a history making day. Not only was seeing the line exciting but seeing the diversity in the line. It was not just people of color but people of all colors and I'm certain this alone is what attracted so many others to come up to a few of us to ask the question "What is going on here?"



Well here is what I told the lady

"whats going on here, a local rapper turned National Star and King of New York was genius enough to not quit and follow his dreams. Took his mastermind abilities, developed the blueprint, took his family with him, put his team on, created a cult like following of fans that is diversified who strongly believe in the brand.



Not only did he create dope music but started making dope merchandise and selling it from the crib (the house) and sold-out every drop. He understood his power and decided to show the world exactly where he is from and taking what we all now use "Buffalo Kids" saying and running with it even so that he combined his love of art and fashion to create a destiny for all to share, love and learn from.

I had to quickly school the lady that Westside Gunn was not just some rapper but indeed an true artist and curator.

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Not only was this a historic day, but in the midst of a pandemic Westside Gunn still moved forward with his plan and made it happen. Over all I felt so proud to be a Buffalo Kid, I felt excited for this to be a staple in Buffalo and I was motivated to really execute on some moves I have been thinking of myself. I can only hope that as we watch others dream and turn their dreams into reality that we too are motivated to do the same.

That day I had fun talking about this major move and enjoying the company of fellow Go Gettas who too were just as excited as me. I'm excited about what Westside Gunn and the entire team will do next. Salute The Buffalo Kid. Make sure you visit the Store The Buffalo Kids Gallery 

Pictured: ADRI.V, Jamil Crews, Moe Badger and Valentino Shine

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