Wegmans has landed in the top 5 on the 2020 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For.

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The list has been around for 23 years and Wegmans has been on the list every year! Wegmans snagged the 3rd place spot this year, according to WIVB. The list is compiled by employee feedback on a variety of factors, like trust in managers, fairness and others. The achievement will be celebrated this Saturday with a special cake or Clementine tangerines being served to customers and employees at each Wegmans at 11 am.

“We are so grateful for our dedicated employees who have made us a part of this list for the past 23 years. Our people make shopping and working at Wegmans a truly special experience every day. We celebrate and thank them for all they do to earn this incredible honor.” ~ President and CEO Colleen Wegman


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