Dr. Myron Glick from the Jericho Road Health Center of Buffalo is a volunteer regarding the Ebola Crisis and has just returned to Buffalo from Sierra Leone (West Africa) and is MONITORING HIMSELF for any signs of Ebola.

I polled WBLK Listeners, asking if they were comfortable with Dr. Glick monitoring himself, as opposed to his being QUARANTINED!  The results were unanimous in favor of Dr. Glick being Quarantined!!!  However, Drt. Glick does not agree and explains why in this interview, including giving his account of what the conditions are in West Africa (Sierra Leone), where he says the situation "WILL GET WORSE"!!!


HERE ARE THE RESULTS & COMMENTS REGARDING THE POLL: Should The Doctor Be Quarantined or Is Self Monitoring Ok?

Poll Results: Should Dr. Myron Glick be Quarantined or Are You Satisfied With Him Monitoring Himself?


  • Tee Bone Quarantine until he is sure he does not have Ebola. I don't think he should Be monitoring himself. Someone else should be monitoring him just to make sure he does not have it, and not passing it on to other patients or family members.
  • Shelby Lynn Who cares if he is a doctor or just a regular person!? ANYONE, EVERYONE should be quarantined if they have traveled. No one wants to get Ebola, no one wants to die. It's not something that should be taken lightly it should be cautiously monitored and anyone that has been to Africa should definitely be quarantined.
  • Jennifer Cornett He didn't treat patients while in Africa and didn't come in contact with anyone with the disease. There is a whole article in the paper about. He is monitoring himself as a safety precaution.
  • Felicia Da Bolt Were any of the other people allowed to monitor their own temps or were they quarantined right away? The government should stop all flights from that part of the world. They need to look out for the welfare of all their citizens. If you want to go visit known damn well your at risk you take that risk of having to stay in that country. I'm sorry but you have millions of people you need to secure and it's already too late especially if you keep letting these flights in.
  • Sheena Thomas That's a dumb question! Just To follow protocols OF COURSE HE SHOULD BE QUARANTINED! ! COMMON SENSE ISN'T QUITE SO COMMON ANY MORE

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