New Jersey Man Arrested For Selling Heroine Named “Ebola”
The Ebola epidemic has proven how hard it is for our culture to take anything serious at this point in life. The virus known as Ebola has been sweeping our kind and some people are trying to capitalize off of the virus;even drug dealers. Barnabus “Hammer” Davis, a New Jersey Drug Dealer, has decided…
Ebola Cure VS Conspiracy [VIDEO]
The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has caused major concern in now that at least one person in America has been diagnosed with the deadly virus. But there is hope! Two patients in Europe have been CURED thanks to experimental drugs.
Although there are no licensed vaccines, the use of antiviral medicin…
Why Always "BLAME" Africa?
I have questions!!!!  I normally don't give CONSPIRACY THEORIES a second thought, but how can anyone ignore the fact that "IT SEEMS" all the MOST DEADLY VIRUSES AND DISEASES OF EPIDEMIC PROPORTION...ARE "BLAMED ON" & "COME FROM"…
Ebola In U.S.
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas has confirmed that for the first time in the U.S., a patient has tested positive for the Ebola virus.  Most Ebola cases are contracted elsewhere and then treated here in the U.S. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has also confirmed.