Today's WBLK 'Sunday Head-Scratcher (Braintyeaser) is challenging.  On a difficulty scale of 1-10, I'd have to rate this one an 8, so you're very very good if you can figure this kine out.


Keep checking back for the answer later today and if you're interested in winning $100 of Harvey's Hundreds, listen every weekday this week at 10:30 AM with 'Your Favorite C-Worker' Jay Hicks, 3:30 PM with Yasmin Young, and 6:30 PM with Dj Wire for the Harvey's Hundreds Key Word of the day...each DK will have a different word.  Then the following morning during the Steve Harvey Morning Show, at 7 AM & 9 AM, if you're the 10th caller with anyone of the 3 Havrbvey's Hundreds Key Words from the previous day, you're a winner of the $100 and your automatically eligible to win the $1000.00 Grand Prize.  Download the WBLK App below for a better chance of winning because you'll always have the station with you so you can get Harvey's Hundreds keywords   

Here's the WBLK Sunday Head-Scratcher in print:

Hard Boiling an egg takes about 10 minutes, but it isn't always as simple as that.  Many factors can alter the time it takes.  For example, in different parts of the world, har boiling an egg can take up to forty minutes.  Why?

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