WBLK / Todd Anderson

It was such a Pleasure for me to be able to sit down with "@BillsMafiaGrips" (#alapgrippy) and ask him all the questions I could think of regarding his PHENOMENAL IDEA for Bills Fans to be listed in "The Guinness Book of WORLD RECORDS" as ***THE LOUDEST FANS IN THE WORLD!!!!!!***

I must also add that "Grippy"  shared with me that WBLK is the ONLY MEDIA that did a FULL INTERVIEW with him ("@BillsMafiaGrippy" / #alapgrippy).

...and on that note; I really felt compelled to reach out to this POSITIVE YOUNG BLACK MAN in the Buffalo Community who didn't reach out to the Black Community alone as often times is the case when People of Color organize something (in my opinion) ... and because of that, I just had to meet this "guy" who came from nowhere with this Fantastic Idea.  @BillsMafiaGrippy's outlook upon organizing this event is with complete "transparency", as far as his outreach regarding not only this event ... but LIFE in general.  It was an Honor meeting this "Young Light Bulb" in our Community.  You'll hear him speak about the overall Plight, of this "project", while mentioning the recent Violence in African - American Communities like Buffalo, Rochester, Chicago, and anywhere else in the U.S.  He'd like his efforts to have a reverse impact on that type of Criminal Activity across the board.

Upon meeting "@BillsMafia Grip", as he walked out of the elevator on the 12th Floor of the Rand Building, there was just this IMMEDIATE BURST OF ENERGY THAT EXPLODED from it!!!!! ... and It was "@BillsMafiaGrip"... and from the time the elevator door opened until he re-entered the elevator to leave ... let me tell you ... this Young Man is the epitome of ENERGY and the perfect person to LEAD THE PACK of Bills Fans ... (all 90+ Thousand) in this effort to but Buffalo, NY and the Buffalo Bills Fans in HISTORY BOOKS!!!!!  That's HUGE!!!!!

So whether the Bills Fans rise to the occasion or not, the Biggest Part of this entire story and the person who should get the most recognition,(in my opinion) is this young man, "@BillsMafiaGrip".  His attitude is exemplary and his MAIN GOAL in organizing this EVENT should be an inspration for any young person, especially within the Black Community, to share in his endeavor to bring _________ to Buffalo!!!!  You can guess what that is and then click the video to find out!  What a Phenomenal Young Man!!!!  "BillsMafiaGrip" / #alapgrippy

I also want to stress, to ANYONE reading this, no matter where you are ... in or outside of Buffalo, NY ... I want to assist "@BillsMafiaGrip" in his endeavor by asking you (PER HIS REQUEST) to CHANGE YOUR TWITTER HANDLE TO #ALAP (followed by your name or handle).  If you'll do that, his ultimate mission and desire to create ______ in the Buffalo Community, and beyond, will be somewhat accomplished, relative to those who actually DO IT and join His "MOVEMENT" ... the #ALAP MOVEMENT ... (ALAP serves an an Anagram for "AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE"!!!!) (Again ... Click the link to watch the Exclusive Interview to fill in the Blank)