According to US Weekly, Rihanna declined headlining the Superbowl Half-Time Show in Atlanta to stand with Colin Kaepernick. She cites not agreeing with the NFL's stance on the kneeling controversy as her reason. Good for her! Stand for nothing...fall for anything.

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After a long 11 years, one of Hip Hop's most notable couples have called it quits! Diddy and singer Cassie has called it quits! There hasn't been an official reason why but a rep for Cassie confirmed that the rumor is not a rumor at all and they've actually been split up for a few months now! It's being reported that the two are just focusing on their careers and individual successes. Welp, another one bites the dust! Wishing the best of luck to the both of them.


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The NBA season is back with a bang! On lookers got more than a first look at LeBron's debut with his new team the LA Lakers, they also were apparently sitting rignside a 1 round fight as well! Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram are all officially suspended. Paul for two games, Rondo for three games and Ingram for four. Chris Paul was seen poking Rajon Rondo in the face after he was supposedly spit on. Rondo responded with a stiff punch and as the saying goes, all hell broke loose! Ingram wasn't initially involved but he was videoed running to the fight yielding punches as well. All of these guys have wayyyyy too much to lose and the season just started! Hopefully they can get it together.