We talked about this for my Talk at 2 inside the 2 to 6 Takeover, now it looks like a name for the Bills' stadium has been chosen! How do you feel about the new name?

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The Bills removed the sign for Ralph Wilson stadium and said that they were selling the naming rights for the stadium. Now it looks like they have a buyer! According to WIVB, the New Era Cap Company bought the naming rights to the stadium, and has now named the former "Ralph" as New Era Field! It looks like the Bills have officially left history behind! Originally Rich Stadium when it opened in 1973, it was renamed in 1998 for team founder and then-owner Ralph Wilson.  The stadium was planned as a domed structure in Lancaster, but was relocated because it was too close to Lancaster High School, according to Wikipedia.

What are your thoughts on the new name? Do you think it's appropriate for Buffalo and the Bills?


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