Much of the lure of going to a Bufalo Bills game has much to do with how great your tailgate party is! Some of us have been tailgating in the same spot for years if not decades. Here are our top five ways to skirt the parking system at Ralph Wilson Stadium...

Share your parking musts with us! What do you think is the BEST tailgate parking lot for a Bills game?

  • Flickr/Marcin Wichary
    Flickr/Marcin Wichary

    Drive Into the Lot Bumper to Bumper.

    This may involve having to meet up ahead of time at a local establishment like Tops market or Wegmans in order to make sure you are all accounted for and ready to roll.

  • Len Schrantz
    Len Schrantz

    Make Friends With One or Two of the Parking Lot Attendants.

    Being friendly with the guys and gals directing the lot traffic can have its benefits. You may pull into your spot and find your self with some extra space around your vehicle where you may be able to pitch your tent and fire up your BBQ. This may involve some monetary compensation to the lot attendant so I recommend keeping this on the low-down.

  • Bing Maps
    Bing Maps

    Use One of the Many Private Lots Around the Stadium

    You may be surprised to find many of the private lots around the stadium are cheaper than paying to park at the two main lots. Not only that but they also will let you park where you want (given there is enough room) and show up and leave when you want. the walk to and from the stadium may be a little longer but at least you'll be partying with your friends and family. [Full size map]

  • Flickr/iBjorn

    Go In Style - Take A Limo

    Did you know that there is a separate lot just for limousines? Yes...I know! I was surprised too. If you normally go to the game with five or six guys why not pony up to pay for the limo and tail gate just steps away from the stadium.

  • Bing Maps
    Bing Maps

    Arrive Early

    Lots open 4 hours before kickoff so the best chance of having your entire group parking next to each other in the two main lots is to show up early. It's going to cost you $25 per car to park in these lots so the more people you can fit into a car the better.

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