WBLK is hosting its 2nd Annual Old Soul Party inside the Mega Ballroom of the Adam’s Mark Hotel in Buffalo next Sat Oct 22nd. Get ready to boogie old school style for this year we’ve made some classic upgrades, (like extending the hours from 7pm to 1am) and a special guest music set from DJ Quincy from the Ebony Sound Crew in Toronto! WBLK’s own DJ Stoney held it down last year and is back as the lead spinner on the ones and twos. With over 30 years of experience, he’ll keep you moving and grooving from the time you walk in till the time we throw you out! I had my Intern Ms. Youleidy Vega from Buffalo State University chat with DJ Stoney about his funky intentions for that night:

Youleidy: “I understand you were on fire last year as the first Old Soul Dance DJ?”

DJ Stoney: “…Yea, it was a beautiful thing. The theme was a late 60s and 70s event. I think that with the music and atmosphere we presented everyone got to relive the past and kind of go back in the day to enjoy it all.”

Youleidy: “Over 1500 people showed up last year, what are you going to do different this year to keep the crowd moving at a high level?”

DJ Stoney: “Well last year we had hooks like contests and lip singing, in which both will be returning. This year what I am going to do is try to build from that while staying in theme, which is the Motown, 70’s Funk and Disco genre. Don’t go too far off the scope.”

Youleidy: “Can you give us a  idea of the some of the artist you will be featuring?”

DJ Stoney: “I have done my research and looked at the Billboard charts from 1968 to 1980. What I plan on doing is playing the top ten hits from each year from artists such as Michael Jackson, the Jackson five (in their young years), and the Temptations, among others. ““I’m also going to feature the top funky soul hits from artists like the Commodores, Earth Wind & Fire and Kool in the Gang. Disco will be on the list as well, like the Bee Gee’s and Donna Summer.”

Youleidy: “When you do an Old Soul Party, what is different from doing it in a Hotel ballroom than in a nightclub?

DJ Stoney: “To an Old Soul Party at a ballroom, people go with the “partying” mentality. It is a people themed party; your music and your energy have to equal the participants’ energy. At the club you get all different types of attitudes. It is a different perspective where you don’t know if people attend for the drinking, the dancing or just to hook up. So at the club you have to read the crowd and then react to it, or dictate the flow, whereas at a ballroom you just follow the crowd.”

Youleidy: “The phones here at WBLK have been ringing off the hook over the last few weeks. I am sure you will do your thing on Oct 22nd.”

DJ Stoney: “I am looking forward to it.”

Get your tickets now at the discount price of just $20.00 (plus surcharge) by clicking on this link:


or you can get them at Doris Records, 286 East Ferry Street in Buffalo NY.  Call 716-852-9393 x322 for more info.

* WBLK Intern Youleidy Vega contributied to this article*