As a parent, you have to teach your kid a lot of things. You help them learn how to walk, ride a bike, and answer any questions they have as they get older (which is likely to be a lot).

But as a mother or a father, that’s what you do.

Sometimes, it may be challenging to answer your kid’s questions or it may be awkward attempting to reach your kid whatever life lesson it is that day.

And for one Western New York mom, she got the privilege of teaching her son ‘’one of the hardest life lessons.’’

Photo Credit: Facebook Post
Photo Credit: Facebook Post

Kelsey from Buffalo told her son, ‘’If you want a happy wife, you MUST put the toilet seat down!!!’’

It’s the little things in life…as a woman, I can tell you that it is so appreciated when you find the toilet seat has been put down. 

One person commented on Kelsey’s post, saying, ‘’All the women in the world thank you. It’s unbelievable how many men do not do that.’’

However, one guy who lives in Depew suggested a revolutionary idea; just make sure he has his own bathroom. 

It’s a fair point, right? And it’s probably for the best on both sides. Guys can leave the toilet seat up, and girls can take however long they need in the bathroom in the morning. 

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