I have always been told that the surest way out of poverty is education. Education in any form via being traditional or non-traditional is important but what some forget it is how one is educated is key. I personally believe that one should be "Edutained", I have coined this word as something I believe and live by; being Educated and Entertained. In this day and age being creative in a learning environment is key to keeping students attention and to keep it fresh. An educator  and school that I have followed who is living and promoting what I call being "Edutained" and is a true "Edutainer" is Ron Clark and The Ron Clark Academy.

Checkout the Viral Video of The Ron Clark Academy students and Ron Clark  hitting the Quan and Nae-Nae giving education another view

The Ron Clark Academy (RCA) is a highly-acclaimed, nonprofit middle school located in Southeast Atlanta. The Academy has received both national and international recognition for its success in educating students with academic rigor, passion, and creativity balanced by a strict code of discipline. Their 5th - 8th grade students represent various socio-economic and academic backgrounds and communities from across the metro region.

The Academy seeks to extend its reach beyond its student body by having an impact upon students everywhere. RCA is a demonstration school – a place where visiting educators engage in a vibrant professional development experience by observing best practices in action before participating in hands-on workshops. In the past seven years, more than 22,000 superintendents, district level administrators, and teachers from 42 states and 22 countries have participated in the RCA Experience to learn better ways to engage students, promote academic rigor, and create a climate and culture that promotes success.

In a recent feature on CBS the Ron Clark Academy gives you an insider view on the school, its students, activities and exactly why it is so great!


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