This past Sunday here in Buffalo there was an anti Trump rally held at Niagara Square in downtown. In attendance what appeared to be about a thousand men and women of different ethnicities, backgrounds, and religious and political positions; some holding signs that read:

“Trump Is Not My President”

“Be The Light In The Darkness, Even If Yours Is The Only Light”

“We Fight With Love”

“I Am No Longer Accepting The Things I Can Not Change. I Am Changing The Things I Cannot Accept”

“In Diversity, Is Beauty And Strength”

I had the opportunity to interview a couple of people, one of which got my attention by tapping me on the shoulder and asked “if I was from WBLK?” I told him yes and he said that he had something that he really wanted to say.

His name is Mike Ziolkowski a Professor of Business – College at Brockport.

COINTELPRO was a counterintelligence program that was started in 1956. Over the years there has been discussion about this programs’ purpose and how it has been very detrimental to a number of organizations and people.

Whether you believe in what Mike is saying or not, the FBI did have some involvement in the election but to what extent remains to be seen.

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