This past Sunday here in Buffalo there was an anti Trump rally held at Niagara Square in downtown. In attendance what appeared to be about a thousand men and women of different ethnicities, backgrounds, and religious and political positions; some holding signs that read:
Allowed Violence
Why have I chosen to entitle this blog as I have?
And since most of the homicides this year have taken place within the African-American community with almost ALL of them being UNSOLVED, it reflects upon the African-American communities LA…
Should Buffalo Invoice Trump!
According to an Investigative Report conducted by WGRZ news, the Donald Trump Rally in Buffalo was the most expensive across the U.S. with respect to providing law enforcement.
Additionally, there are questions as to why Buffalo will not be sending Donald his own bill...
Trump Rally In Buffalo!
Donald Trump will be in Buffalo tonight a day before the big Tuesday NY Primary.  Please take pre-caution today as many downtown streets will be closed as early as noon today
As it's anticipated some 20,000 people will attend the Trump Rally tonight at the First Niagara Center; he…
Men Want Change In Buffalo Public Schools [POLL]
A rally was held last week lead by District Parent Coordinating Council President Brother Sam Radford about the continuing need for change in Buffalo Public Schools. The men are showing support for those children who attend these “persistently low achieving” schools; the …
Teacher Union Rally in Buffalo
Area Members of the New York Teachers Union gathered at Lafayette Park in Downtown Buffalo to show their support for the teachers in Wisconsin and across the country.