My first reaction to this VERY DISTURBING VIDEO was sorrow for this Young Man, and then I wondered ... where's Al Sharpton regarding this and why does he ONLY show up when there's a Black Person killed by police?

Despite my initial sentiments and thoughts; this incident is SO VERY TRAGIC!  A man loses his life because he had headphones on and could not hear an officer tell him to stop or whatever he was telling him.  The young man  was walking away #1, secondly the officer shoots him in the Back, thirdly...the man ended up being UNARMED, and lastly the Officer was CLEARED OF ANY WRONG-DOING!!!!

If this had been a Black person it would be News Across The Country, but this wasn't until NOW.

This incident took place in 2014 but now there's renewed interest in this tragedy based upon the victim's Aunt uploading the entire Body-Cam Video.


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