Child in Stroller Killed
It's the worst kind of Tragedy when a child's life is lost. Initial reports are that there was an accident. Updates reveal the child was reported to have died at ECMC, WGRZ says.
9 Year-Old Gunned Down
This is ASHAMED!  I'm at a loss for words...other than my feelings and comments regarding the "Black Lives Matter" Movement!  How EMBARRASSING a Movement!!!! How do a group of people organize a Movement regarding ANYTHING while being the #1 Culprits of the very thing they're against...
Reporter Shot Dead on Live TV
This is another moment where the question"What Is The World Coming To" is MORE THAN APPROPRIATE! A News Reporter in Virginia is shot dead while broadcasting on LIVE TV!
Cops Shoot & Kill 17-Year-Old
You always hear about incidents with the police interacting with African-Americans, and the result being tragic where the individual ends up dead. Then there's public outrage within the African-American community, Al Sharpton shows up to organize a march, and the story is all over the national news.
Teenager Hit and Killed in Crosswalk
19-year old Chelsea Chandler from Cheektowaga has died after being hit by a car on a crosswalk last night. She was crossing Harlem Road at Walden around 11:30 pm Thursday evening when a vehicle heading South on Harlem struck her. Officers say the driver did have a green light and didn't see Chandler crossing...
Charleston Suspect Captured
Tragedy has struck in Charleston, SC, at the Historic Emanuel Church.  A gunman walked into a bible study meeting at the church and started shooting, killing nine including the pastor.
BodyCam Video Sparks Outrage
My first reaction to this VERY DISTURBING VIDEO was sorrow for this Young Man, and then I wondered ... where's Al Sharpton regarding this and why does he ONLY show up when there's a Black Person killed by police?
Delaware Park Safer
On Saturday morning a three-year-old boy was killed and his five-year-old sister remains in critical condition after a car jumped the curb and hit them as they were walking with their mother on Ring Road in Deleware Park. Now find out what the City is doing to prevent this tragedy from ever happening again.
LAPD Shoot Homeless Man Dead
29-year-old Brendon Glenn was a New York native who found himself homeless on the streets of Venice, CA. Today he is the latest hashtag in the fight against police killing of unarmed citizens. LAPD Police Chief says he is "very concerned" about this unjustified shooting.
Is Malik Yoba on Drugs
Rumors have been flying ever since Malik Yoba's character was killed off the hit TV show "Empire" now hear from the actor himself.
Nicki Minaj's Team Member Killed
As Nicki Minaj prepares to hit the stage with her Boo Meek Mill in his hometown, two of the concert tour crew members were stabbed, one fatally. Get the details here.
74 Year-Old Killed By Police
You go ahead and watch the News Video regarding this Tragedy and see if you get the same picture I get. What I gather from this story is that  74 Year-Old, JAMES ALLEN ( an ARMY VETERAN), came home from having Open Heart Surgery and a Friend or Family Member called the Police to check on the gentleman because he was not responding to efforts to try to reach him in his home...

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