We learned earlier this week that malls would not be included in Phase 4 of reopening, with Governor Cuomo citing safety concerns within malls, including with the air conditioning systems. If you ask the owners of our own Walden Galleria, those claims are false.

Per WIVB, Pyramid Management Group, Walden Galleria owners said:

While we can appreciate the State's concern about the public's health and safety, any reports that suggests that the HVAC systems within enclosed shopping centers are more likely to distribute the virus than HVAC  systems within restaurants, barbershops, and office buildings is simply false.

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Many Buffalo and Western New York shoppers are looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. I think that shopping is at the forefront of shoppers' minds as they prepare High School Graduates for college. Being safe while shopping is a key component in customers making their shopping decisions.

According to WVIB, Pyramid Group says.

If anything, the relative risk within our airy, enclosed malls may, in fact, be lower as we have done more than necessary based on health and safety recommendations to improve the exsitng air filtration system.

As many people are somewhat apprehensive about returning to places were large crowds can gather, In my opinion, if companies can ensure that they have done the proper upgrades to their air filtration systems, people would be more likely to come out and shop.

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