Where'd the name Billie Essco come from?

People started noticing me for my music back then, so the name "Chase Dinero" stuck. I put out a mixtape called "The Chase", and then shortly after that I just went through a whole life change...I went through an epiphany, and the name "Chase Dinero" just sounded cheesy. The chasing money aspect just wasn't fulfilling. Thus, Billie Essco came about.

How has the East Side, Uptown molded you as an artist?

First and foremost it gives me my background, my backbone. It gives me my structure--who I am, how I dress, and it was all because of the things that I learned, and the things that wasn't there TO learn, so I had to figure them out some other place. So when I started traveling a lot, that's when I really started to appreciate Buffalo more, cuz I started hanging around LA, New York and Atlanta and I would see these cultures that would be, you know, presented on a national scale, and I would see somebody that reminded me of Buffalo, and then I would see how...different and eclectic people from Buffalo actually are. You know, the city doesn't harbor its energy properly, but the actual talent that's in this city...is one of a kind.


***Explicit version***

Instagram: @uptownchase

Current release: Café ( https://www.cafeczen.com)


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