We have no shortage of talented musicians here in the 716. For many years WBLK has made an opportunity for music artists to have their shine on the radio, including the 716 Power Jam. WBLK continues to lead the way in WNY to give you the chance to be heard.

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Do you have a really dope song, but don't know what to do to get your music played by your local radio station? Well, after listening to literally thousands of songs in my DJ career, there are a few things I have noticed that tend to happen again and again that might be causing you to not be successful.

So here is another list of tips that can help you get your music played on the radio:

More Tips To Get Your Music Played On The Radio

Are you looking to get your music played on your local radio station? Here are some more tips that can help you accomplish that.

Tips For Getting Music Played On the Radio

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