Mukbang, also pronounced and spelled Meokbang, is defined in Wikipedia as an 'eating show'.  Mukbang became popular in North Korea in 2010, according to Wikipedia, which also reports that the eating phenomenon has grown in popularity now in the U.S.

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There are a vast number of YouTube videos featuring Mukbangs using seafood and other delectables including The Ultimate Mac & Cheese.  Just watching this dish being made will make your mouth water and your conscience hate you if you don't try it for yourself.  The recipe is included in the Ultimate Mac & Cheese Mukbang video so you can experience this unbelievable recipe for the Ultimate Mac & Cheese


Kim-Hae Jin, a doctoral candidate from Chosun University in Korea gives an explanation as to why mukbang is so popular which attracts people to literally sit and simply watch people eat, well more like stuff their faces, with different types of food, according to the Wikipedia article.

"Food television incorporates the vicarious pleasures of watching someone else cook and eat; the emulsion of entertainment and cooking; the jumbling of traditional gender roles; and ambivalence toward cultural standards of body, consumption, and health. Food television also addresses and simultaneously perpetuates the stresses of social expectations, and sprinkles sexual innuendoes in a venue traditionally associated with maternal security."

There are articles and warnings regarding participating in a mukbang and also warnings that watching comes with its own precautions, according to bistromd,com


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