Have you ever seen something in the sky that you couldn't explain...no after a party on New Year's Eve doesn't count...

There have been multiple listings of UFOs or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena as they are now called over the years in our area.

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Here are a few from the National UFO Reporting Center:

Buffalo, NY 12/23/20  2:03 am:

I was laying in bed, late into the morning. All of a sudden I notice this strange noise. At first it was faint and I didn’t think much of it, it sounded like some sort of aircraft, but oddly unique. At first I didn’t think much of it but it kept getting louder and more intense. I could sense something coming closer. As the sound got louder I felt an odd presence or energy. It got so loud and strange that I turned around and looked out my window. As I turn around I see a cylinder shaped object whip by my window, it seemed so close to the ground. It was moving so fast that I couldn’t get a good look at it. I was opening my window as I was looking I saw red lights blinking and it left a bit of a trail. I eventually stuck my head out the window and saw off in the distance a cone shaped aircraft with a red light blinking at the top moving quickly into the distance. I didn’t get a great look at it, but it all felt so strange.

Lewiston, NY 10/16/20 4:39 pm:

An object that appeared as a light was hovering in the sky. It was a far distance from where I was standing. It appeared to bounce a bit in the sky while hovering in the same location. My wife and I were the observers.

UFO landing at night in the forest with trees and stars.

Buffalo, NY 6/7/20 10:42 pm:

...My name is Deirdre. Whenever weather permits, I film ufos or stars that are not stars, in the sky in front of my house. Today, I filmed a mass sighting. I’ve never seen this many up until this point. Reviewing the video, I think I may see some kind of wormholes in the form of misshapen, tunneling ringed ovals. They seemed to be mostly coming from those areas of the sky. Bright, mostly oval or round as well as a few grey almond-shaped crafts.

Remember the Blackout that covered most of the Northeast in November 1965? There were a number of reports to police agencies in the U.S. and Canada about lights spotted over the Sir Adam Beck Power station in Ontario prior to the blackout.

From The Syracuse NY Times:

Niagara Falls, Canada 11/9/65 5 pm: 

At 5 p.m. personnel from the Sir Adam Beck Hydroelectric Power Plant in Ontario, Canada, reported four strange lights over the power plant.

Niagara Falls, Ontario 11/9/65 5 pm: 

At 5 p.m. residents near the Niagara Falls power station reported seeing a huge, glowing object hovering over the power station.

I can remember a number of times being at my grandparent's cottage on Lake Ontario and seeing lights over the Lake that I could not readily identify.

Also when living in Niagara Falls, NY I can remember being outside with my Dad and my next-door neighbor, as a child, and seeing a light hovering in the sky, then having it speed away to the northeast at incredible speed.  Both my Dad and neighbor when queried couldn't say what it was but reassured me it was nothing to fear.

If this has piqued your interest or if you have seen something in the sky that you cannot explain, file a report with the National UFO Reporting Center here.


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