When you think of UBER you think car, glorified taxi, cool, new, etc...but not BIKES!  Well that's about to change as UBER is all set to purchase 'Jump Bike', the Brooklyn, NY based company responsible for the Red, locked up bikes you see in Downtown Buffalo which are ready to be rented for Public use...primarily for commuter transportation.

According to News Reports, not only is UBER expanding their transportation footprint beyond cars to now bikes, the bikes are an innovative addition due to the fact that some will be Pedal Assisted (Motorized) E-Bikes.  The News article explains that the pedal assist e-bike technology will not be available immediately in Buffalo but UBER will eventually make the Jump E-Bikes available after NYS Regulations are in place, which will allow the technology to be used in Buffalo.

According to buffalorising.com, Mike Galligano, CEO of Shared Mobility Inc., which is the comapny that developed the first public bike sharing service in the Country, said this about the UBER Bikes coming to Buffalo:

“Buffalo is a great place to invest in.  NYSERDA helped lay the groundwork to allow for entrepreneurship in innovative transportation in Buffalo that has now reached an international scale."

Locations as to where the UBER Pedal Assist (Motorized) E-Bikes are, will be accessed using the UBER App.

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