Ladies Ladies Ladies! Now we all know sometime us as women don't always have the best hair days, so when we have to go run quick errands i.e to the grocery store,bank,school etc. its so easy to throw a scarf around our head and keep it moving. Lets be honest here, that is not always the best look to have, you never know who you'll run  into. Tyra Banks has come up with a way to accessorize your  nite time scarf & make it not just for the night but for everyday use and still make a fashion statement while wearing it. According to Banks "One easy way to start out is by using a long narrow scarf as a headband, just tie it directly across the front of your hair. You can even use a regular elasticised headband as a place holder to help get your scarf where you want. Tie the scarf at the bottom of your neck as a base and your done".

For more information on ways to bedazzle your everyday scarf visit http://www.bvhairtalk.com

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