In March I had the chance to highlight The Go Getta of the Week Shantelle Patton owner of Buffalo’s Minority Business Directory known as ‘That Brown Bag’. That Brown Bag (also referred to as ‘The Bag’) is a minority business directory
founded August 23, 2018 to create a resource providing consumers with a one-stop
shop to locate black owned businesses in Buffalo, NY, and the surrounding area.


The publication has now made some changes and expanded to add a Brown Bag Business Association which is a membership-based group centered around providing information and support to the businesses listed within the publication. This Friday That Brown Bag has made a new announcement that the directory is going to annual publication to be released Juneteenth every year starting with it's 6th edition in 2022. Shantelle shared during the interview

I plan to keep making this directory a thoroughly enriching community resource for both the consumer & the producer to create villages of care & support for one another within our communities.

What's great about the new changes to That Brown Bag is that starting with Volume VI, any additional business services provided by the directory will be membership based under the Brown Bag Association. Think the BBB of Black Business. Those who join will maximize the visibility of their business online, increase leads and customers, maximize control over business's future. That Brown Bag is the creating a true stamp for unlike Yelp, Google & others don't prioritize the Black business community but That Brown Bag do!


The goal of That Brown Bag is to enhance the quality of life for African Americans and the WNY community through economic development, education, workforce development, community development, and legislative advocacy. Through the Brown Bag Business Association, they look to provide benefits that will not only help cultivate their members but also help the community grow.

For more details about "That Brown Bag" visit 

Every week I, ADRI.V The Go Getta look to feature a mover and shaker who embodies the “Go Getta Spirit” and is doing great things for the people and themselves in the Western New York and Southern Ontario community.

Having the blessed opportunity of having my show “The Go Getta Mix” I look to use my platform to acknowledge those people nominated as “The Go Getta of The Week” If you know a Go Getta or believe you are a Go Getta please nominate one today HERE! 


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