I've been noticing the talent in upstate so we here at Power 93.7 FM created a platform to spotlight the next superstar Queen City style. The 716 Spotlight is brought to you by EZ Loan Auto Sales.

This week the “TALK OF THE TOWN” “716 SPOTLIGHT” comes from Buffalo NY, way of Riverside. This 21 year old self taught producer/engineer became a student of the music game at an early age. Since the age of 12 years old he has been on this self taught journey chasing his dreams. Mvrro came thru the studio to chop it up with your boy SteelBoutMoney. He drops a lot of gems for those who may be looking to learn how to produce their own music. We also talk about his families history in music with a few of his relatives being in the Colored Musicians Club and the feeling of seeing his great uncle's picture their while on a field trip. We discussed his musical influences, the struggle of finding a stage name, what motivated him to become an artist instead of just staying a producer, How he over came self doubt and more.

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How did your single POP OUT come about?

I was just in my room playing ps4 in a party with my boys and i was goin thru sounds and stuff i had and found that sound and muted my mic; and just started freestyling. That song is a freestyle.....


Whats your normal process on how you make music?

...its start with me making the beat. When I make beats for other people I make songs for myself then take my voice out and send em. Sometimes I would make a melody and it be to dope so i keep it for myself.



The Name Mvrro Where did that come from?

Its funny bc my name use to be Essco On The Beat...and ppl started to mix me up with an artist named Bille Essco... I'm just not the type of person who wants to be known for someone else's work. Especially when I started to expand my sound into r&B and dance hall Essco just didn't work . So I just took part of my middle name ...Now its Mvrro....

Whats next for Mvrro?

My whole goal with this music is to make sure my family straight pay for my lifestyle , if I ever have kids.., make sure their straight and me not have to get up for a 9 to 5.....


Who's your top three Producer's of all time?



Murda Beats ...

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