Tuesday evening Amtrak Train #188 was traveling from DC to NYC at unimaginable speed when it hit a corner, derailed and threw passengers and their luggage out. Hear from witnesses who describe the chaotic scene of the crash that left 7 people dead.

Over 200 people have been treated in area hospitals, says Mayor of Philadelphia Michael Nutter says that over 200 people have been treated in area hospitals and at least eight of the victims were listed as being in a critical condition.

Part of the US's most traveled stretch of passenger rail between Philadelphia and New York is closed as officials continue to try to determine the cause of the cause. Now that the black box has been recovered, we know that the train was going 100 mph when it tipped over. The speed limit on that curve is 50. So obviously, speed played a major factor in this incident.

The Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 188 was carrying about 240 passengers and five crew members at the time of the crash.
The National Transportation Safety Board and F.B.I. are investigating the crash.
I'll be surprised if the Train Conductor isn't charged in the death of these passengers.

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