Train Derails Killing Seven [VId]
Tuesday evening Amtrak Train #188 was traveling from DC to NYC at unimaginable speed when it hit a corner, derailed and threw passengers and their luggage out. Hear from witnesses who describe the chaotic scene of the crash that left 7 people dead.
The title of this Blog suggests that there would be an EXPLANATION once you entered this Blog...unfortunately, I don't have an explanation for you. Maybe YOU have one...if so, PLEASE...I BEG OF YOU...explain it to me...because I'm at a TOTAL LOSS with respect to even attempting to understa…
“Facebook Beef” Turns Brutal (VIDEO)
On Sunday afternoon an Ohio teen met up with a guy he was having beef on Facebook to settle the dispute "man-to-man". After a quick blow to the head, 17 year old Mustafa McHorter was knocked  unconscious yet the boys kept kicking him while he was down; entertain…